Our Story

Owners Joshua Roter and Chantal Varela have both worked extensively in the fashion industry for over a decade. Together, they have a keen eye for historically relevant silhouettes, celebrated brand names, and they hold a finger on the pulse of where vintage clothing is heading. 

The shop

In 2014, In Vintage We Trust opened its first brick and mortar location in the heart of Parkdale. Customers can browse through a curated selection of hand-picked vintage garments spanning the last century. A main stay for many designers, clothing brands, and vintage collectors, In Vintage We Trust has helped source inspiration and design garments for some of the biggest names in the clothing industry. IVWT brings the best of work wear, sportswear, military, and popular culture to the people who respect and love wearing it, you. 

the dodo

Why the dodo? As an ode to clothing companies from yesteryear, many chose to use an animal to embody their branding. As it is our mission to scour the earth for wearable rarities, we thought it was only fitting to use the dodo bird as our company's mascot. The Mauritius Island, the dodo's native home, was one of Earth's last pieces of land to be uninhibited by humans before the 16th century. Within a hundred years, the dodo and several other species native to the Island were pushed to extinction, never to be seen again. 

Chantal, Josh, and IVWT's shop dog,  O'Shea the Frenchie

Chantal, Josh, and IVWT's shop dog, O'Shea the Frenchie